Nas graduates share their tips for making it as an artist in the industry and how to start a career

Nas graduates share their tips for making it as an artist in the industry and how to start a career. Catherine Smith A young woman in Melbourne has created a series of colourful images inspired by her love for animal animals and has also created a boo라이브카지노k of her works. The talented artist explains to Caters in Australia that her creative journey has always been about finding the balance between what she loves and what she wants to express, using a wide range of media to do so. Catherine writes: My interest in art started when I was 13. At that time there were no libraries in Melbourne and I was very lonely. I used to stare at books around my room thinking of the ones I’d want to read and what books I should have one day, which usually didn’t involve animals, but did. I had some very limited idea o우리 카지노f what I wanted to do with my life and it felt like my whole identity revolved around my art and I wanted my art to reflect that. It is my hope that by working with animals, I can find the balance and not only help other people to discover what my art is like but inspire them as well. As an artist you need to create something which makes you feel special. And there are plenty of good, uplifting animal stories in my book. Catherine also describes the journey to becoming an artist and the things she discovered about making art: «If someone takes a photograph of a cat and says: ‘This is what you want t슬롯 머신o do with your life now’, you don’t need to have a concept of what a photograph is about… but you really don’t need to go there (if the photograph isn’t doing the trick). A few things I’ve discovered about photography are: it’s an easy process to get right, that you can take a picture of a cat in a moment of emotional and spiritual bliss, and this is the time to make art. It feels more rewarding to create something in the moment that’s in front of your eyes than it does in order to create the most beautiful work.» Diana Deutsch Diana Deutsch, 22, says her artistic journey has not been as dramatic as some of the other young creatives we spoke to.


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