Nat fyfe named captain of fremantle dockers afl a year ago he said: «We’ve already had that

Nat fyfe named captain of fremantle dockers afl a year ago he said: «We’ve already had that. It is going very well, in terms of people going off shore to work. We’re getting all the people who are going off to work, and we’ve got a steady stream of people who are staying on shore to work. We’re just working to keep the flow going, and not to worry about whether we have enough people.» He said he was conce예스카지노rned people would leave the port because there was a shortage of jobs. Photo: Peter Rae But in October he was again optimistic, but he could not recall any people who had made plans to leave and said some had stayed for the summer. «At this stage there’s very little supply of work aapronxt 우리카지노the port,» he said. «It’s like I was saying before, people have a short notice of departure.» He said there was still a supply of work, but he feared a shortage of staff and people were leaving in droves.

«I wouldn’t say it’s a permanent problem but it’s a very limited supply of work at the port.» But the industry has responded to the shortages with a renewed focus on the future and job creation at the port. Mr Boudreau also pointed to the boom for the coal industry at Bong and other towns in the Kimberley. He said he still felt «kind of nervous» about the growth coming to the port but he hoped that could change soon. The Bong Port Authority said it had lost a total of 13 truckloads of coal over the last six months. «In the last six months, we have recovered about 50 million tonnes of ore and we hope that will continue,» Mr Boudreau said. «The mine operator does an excellent job operating the port and we just don’t have sufficient capacity and the mine operator continues to grow.» He has not lost confidence in the mining sector. «We’re not worried, but we’ll continue to monitor what happens in the other activities, whether it’s the gold and iron [mining] that we’re engaged in, or the iron ore that we’re engaged in.» Mr Boudreau said the Bong Peninsula had been in poor shape for a while as a result of the loss of iron ore and gold. The Port is not just an economic driver but it’s a strategic asset too for the state. He was also concerned about the fact the town was becoming increasingly congested because of the large number of people who were moving about daily. «We’ve been very vocal in the past in the media of the fac


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