Nearly 100 killed in guatemala landslide hundreds missing

Nearly 100 killed in guatemala landslide hundreds missing The avalanche killed at least 100 people in the mountainous region of Cartagena, according to witnesses and officials. About 50 of the victims were trapped in the avalanche, with at least one man still missing, local police commissioner Miguel Nunez said. «People are stuck below the ground,» Nunez said, adding that rescuers and doctors have so far failed to find anyone alive but there were about 100 people trapped in the avalanche. collier femme or blanc topaze 2collierfrance2115 «Our main search area is about 100 meters. The situation is critical,» a top government official, who didn’t want to be named, told Reuters news agency. President Jimmy Morales called on the country to pay closer attention to safety precautions and urged Venezuelans «to take precautions and prepare» for an avalanche and avoid the area if possible. «You can’t forget the people’s families,» the president told local TV. 2019 nouvelle vente grand blanc geometrique pierre bague femme argent couleur bague de fiancailles vintage fete bague de mariage pour les femmes Th예스카지노e local government on Sunday ordered residents to seek shelter in the mountains as high winds and bad weather brought the quake to the town of Bocavala. The US Geological Survey said more than 70 million square kilometres (26 million square miles) of the country were at risk of landslides. Tens of thousands of landslides have taken place in and around Venezuela since President Hugo Chavez, who launched a popular revolution in 1999, took office, according to the UN. labijoux vintage geometrique pierre opale anneaux ensemble pour femme boheme antique argent couleur A USGS report says the quake happened at 3:12am local time (2:12am GMT), shortly after it passed more than 200 km (125 miles) away from a massive aftershock in the Colombian town of Queretaro. The epicentre of the quakes was near the city of Cartagena in southern Colombia. bague argent zirconium leclerc A number of people were found dead in the landslide, and dozens of others were reported missing, the national disaster ministry said in a statement. bijoux boucles doreilles perles Television footage showed residents walking down small mountainsides in towns along the western coast of the Colombian state of Queretaro to seek shelter. Colombia’s Prime Minister J바카라사이트uan Manuel Santos spoke to the media by phone on Sunday about the collapse 우리카지노of the «superquake» and said some 10,000 people in central and eastern Bogota and in the western state of Pará have been displaced by the disaster. ethnique 5 pieces ensemble perles de bois breloque a la main tisse hommes bracelets en cuir femmes The president of neighboring Venezuela said the quake triggered landslides and an avalanche that killed at least 58 people and injured dozens more.


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