Opposition critical of shipbuilding cost blowout in China threatens to undermine President’s authority

Opposition critical of shipbuilding cost blowout in China threatens to undermine President’s authority

WASHINGTON — U.S. congressional critics and economic experts in Beijing say the administration’s failure to keep its promise to the Asian giant, whose construction sector will top 20-billion-euros at a cost of up to $60 billion for America’s la더킹카지노rgest weapons carrier, could undermine the president’s authority, further undermining President Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

The criticism comes as the administration’s proposed 2017 budget has faced fierce criticism in Congress and the Chinese media, including the People’s Daily, a leading state-run newspaper.

«I believe that the president needs to make sure that [budget] will not be approved by Congress as it’s already proven to be a mistake,» said a senior administration official who spoke on condition of anonymity. «For him to go into the next budget meeting without a clear fiscal plan, I think is very dangerous.»

Trump is also expected to outline his tax and budget plans for the year on Tuesday at his budget announcement at Trump Tower.

Congress will have on바카라사이트e final chance in September to block the budget, and congressional Republicans will have to either accept the budget or negotiate over the spending increase proposed for mid-term spending bills.

Both major-party parties agree to keep the government funded through September, though some groups are warning of a protracted stalemate in the fight for Republican support for the government.

«In a bad year we could see the GOP take a huge turn to the right and they’d find themselves in the minority in Congress. A year from now it’s a different story,» said Jonathan Schell, an American Enterprise Institute fellow and a critic of China’s arms industry.

Trump’s budget for fiscal 2018, set for release Wednesday, will be less contentious as Republicans hold 51 seats and Democrats are likely to control the House and Senate. The budget is likely to include provisions on a plan to replace Obamacare, which Trump will sign into law, as well as an attempt to prevent the Pentagon from moving forward with a planned new aircraft carrier, which Congress approved on July 27.

Under Trump’s budget, the Navy would cut nearly 5,000 ships and the Air Force 1,200 aircraft and would cut spending on the Pentagon’s domestic program, including its domestic nuclear weapon program.

The bu바카라사이트dget contains a number of other proposals intended to help boost America’s military edge.

The White House said in a statement that a planned $900 billion increase in defense spending over 10 years would provide «the best chanc


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