Pilbara welcomes nickel operation

Pilbara welcomes nickel operation

By Sarah Rindel-Siegland

The first nickel operation will open at the Pilbara Power Station for nickel mining in two years, according to the chief executive of the state-run authority that operates the facility.

The authority will buy nickel from producers and then inject it directly into nickel mines, with a goal of producing up to one billion tonnes of nickel by 2020.

It will provide $2.8 million in loans to the nickel producers to pay for some of the project costs.

«We anticipate that in the next two years this project will begin producing nickel directly into mine production, and we expapronxect to have that in the pipeline by 2020,» said Dan Prower.

Mr. Prower said the plant will employ more than 30 people.

«The nickel mining industry in Pilbara and Queensland is booming,» he said.

Pipeline to be upgraded

The Pilbara Power Station, located in the Northern Territory’s Pilbara, has long provided a hub for nickel and cobalt production.

The project began in September 2008 and produced 1.5 billion tonnes of nickel for use in a variety of industries, mostly domestic nickel mining.

According to the Federal Government, a바카라bout $500 million will be provided to cover operation and operations costs associated with nickel mining and the other nickel-related infrastructure that continues to develop in the Pilbara.

Prawer said the plant will benefit local communities by diversifying and creating jobs.

«The industry is the perfect choice, th바카라사이트e best thing you can do for your community if you live in the Pilbara,» he said.


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