Pippa savage appeal continues» and you may want to go back later to see what you should have done:

Pippa savage appeal continues» and you may want to go back later to see what you should have done:

«My husband and I would like to bring this request to the attention of the City Council. I 바카라was recently called out by the local PD to help remove a trespassing sign in front of the Police Department, and was told that I needed to clear out the city police tape because the City was going to be enforcing a temporary restraining order. I바카라사이트 was given the task of removing a police officer’s body armor to get into the Police Department, and while in the process was met by two masked men who claimed they were going to kill me with a baseball bat. Both men claimed to be from the Sheriff’s Office and told me to leave the scene so they could go get our weapons.

I did not resist and continued to try to talk to the two men until one of them punched me in the head and one hit me with a baseball bat. As they continued to punch me, one began to stomp my head and one stomped on my face and neck repeatedly. After several minutes, I had a serious black eye, so I asked him if he had seen a gun. He said yes, and he said he had seen a pistol in my hand. I was asked if I had any kind of weapon on me, and he replied that I had a loaded semi auto from my childhood. I refused to say anything and asked him whether or not I had ever been shot, or if they were going to take my guns when they came for me or if they were going to take my dog.

As he continued to stomp on my head and neck, one officer began to assault me with his bat and another officer began to grab my arm to handcuff me. He told me it would be easy for him to take my guns from my body, and I explained he could take it from me. One of them then grabbed a knife and began to use it to try to break the glass of the room, but he was unable to.

After several minutes of 바카라사이트this, another officer, who is about 12 feet from where I was, pulled out his Taser at me and told me to put my hands up. I was asked to move my hands out of the way of the Taser and be like a dog. One officer said ‘This is what we do.’ Another officer said ‘This is what they do!’ and another officer ordered me to lower my hands so the Taser could fit me perfectly. I told them to calm dow


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