Police officer denies obligation to report church abuse

Police officer denies obligation to report church abuse

A former San Francisco cop who used the police force to investigate a controversial San Francisco church accused of sexually abusing children will plead not guilty, her lawyer said Monday.

Attorney Stephen Barwick said the former officer is now going on the lam after being sentenced to 12 years in jail and 10 years of probation.

The former officer, Brian O’Neill, was arrested a삼삼 카지노nd fired in August 2012 after the city launched a federal investigation that found he sexually abused about 100 young children.

The police department, citing multiple incidents where children were exposed to indecent acts from his patrol car, fired O’Neill, citing inadequate and inappropriate training on handling sex-related allegations, among other things.

The San Francisco Police Department said in a statement that it is a victim-friendly community.

«Despite recent allegations and statements by the complainant that she did not want to speak with her attorney, the department has asked that Ms. Knauss be advised of her Miranda rights, which allow an attorney to ask the defendant not to speak during a deposition or a criminal case,» the statement said.

‘Torture victim’

Barker said she asked for O’Neill’s 로투스바카라dismissal after seeing him in front of court Monday.

Barker said O’Neill, 37, was sexually abusive, and the alleged abuse occurred more than a decade ago.

She told the judge she felt like she had been tortured and asked for the arrest of O’Neill 더킹 카지노 쿠폰and his chief of staff.

Police Chief Greg Suhr told her he didn’t want the case to affect the trust the community is supposed to have in the police force, she said.

Barker described her allegations as a «crime of opportunity» that could affect how other kids are viewed and treated in the future.

The woman was working as a full-time student at Loyola University, and the San Francisco Fire Department sent her a paycheck and benefits checks after she sued for damages, she told Superior Court Judge Richard A. Silver on Monday.


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