Policy back on the agenda barrie cassidy looks at the evidence and argues the Coalition’s stance is misguided

Policy back on the agenda barrie cassidy looks at the evidence and argues the Coalition’s stance is misguided.

In the run-up to the election, Labor suggested the Coalition’s policy was inconsistent with the policies it had promised during the election.

Labor also claimed the Coalition’s proposals for a $100 billio바카라n infrastructure package and a five-year gas tax was not a coherent package.

The Coalition promised a balanced budget by 2015 but Labor’s proposal is different from the policy announced on December 7, 2015 in September and is unlikely to balance the budget any sooner.

«For six years the ALP and their shadow treasurer and their chief of staff have been saying to Australians that they’re on the right path — but their approach is inconsistent with what the우리카지노y have promised to achieve and are trying to hide behind a smokescreen of an economy, fiscal, and national security environment,» Professor Cassidy said.

«This debate has become increasingly confusing as the Coalition and its backbencher leaders have been unwilling to face up to the issues raised by Australia’s ageing infrastructure and housing markets, and a lack of commitment to an infrastructure strategy for Australia’s future.»

Professor Cassidy also warned the Coalition’s economic rhetoric had been misinterpreted by its supporters.

In his speech, Professor Cassidy said if the Coalition wins the election and passes its first budget, it could become the first government in history to never balance a budget.

«That would be unheard of in our history, and it would spell the end of the Gillard-Gillard political union and the next prime ministership of Australia,» he said.

Professor Cassidy says the Coalition was also caught short of its target of being «fiscally responsible with revenue» when it was asked in the Coalition election platform apronxto cut the top marginal tax rate from 35 per cent to 21 per cent.

Professor Cassidy says the Coalition now appears to be more inclined towards policies that favour property values and property investors, which led to the government introducing an increase in property tax on houses worth more than $450,000.

«The Coalition has never publicly explained how this move is related to revenue and how it will deliver an economic return to its economic development policy priorities. It is a deliberate and deliberately misleading tactic to make its election promise to a broad electorate look hollow at a time when it should be delivering a fiscal return,» Professor Cassidy said.

Professor Cassidy also said the Coalition’s commitment to ending the carbon tax was a clear admission of failure to deliver on its election promise.


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