Protesters take anti mike baird message to the streets of Auckland

Protesters take anti mike baird message to the streets of Auckland. Picture: Supplied.

It is understood that some protesters planned to show up at the rally to protest Mr Wright, who is a Kiwi and Kiwi First party councillor.


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Mr Wright’s comments also provoked angry reactions from the council’s Asian and Pacific Islander representative, Dr Ian Niamh.

«Anti-Racist Action is a very small group of young people who believe in the idea that they are not racist.

«They want to demonstrate that this is just a minority view and not a majority opinion but we are saying that there is an overwhelming majority view on that.

«The majority view, espe예스카지노cially from a Kiwi perspective, and especially those who were from New Zealand when this first occurred, is it is an unfortunate thing that we are so reliant on immigration, and it is a reason why Kiwis living in New Zealand are so poor and und바카라사이트er-supported. We are바카라 trying to make Kiwi-NZI working families happy.»

Mr Wright could not be reached for comment.

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