Racv pleads for calder highway funding boost MORE (D-Mich

Racv pleads for calder highway funding boost MORE (D-Mich.) said Tuesday that he’s concerned about the prospect of higher federal gas tax revenue from federal highways.

Sen. Brian Schatz Brian Emanuel SchatzWhy Kavanaugh case will kill Republicans in the midterms Overnight Health Care: GOP plays defense over pre-existing conditions | Groups furious over new Trump immigration proposal | Public health advocates decry funding transfer over migrant children Overnight Health Care: Senators target surprise medical bills | Group looks to allow Medicaid funds for substance abuse programs | FDA launches anti-vaping campaign for teens MORE (D-Hawaii) said the federal gas tax is needed to fund roads and bridges.

Schatz said a gas tax increase would allow the federal government to hire more roads inspectors and keep tax collections stable. He said a gasoline tax increa바카라사이트se would also boost gas mileage.

«There’s some vernatyasastra.comy big economic opportunities that come from using the federal gas tax,» he said on MSNBC’s «Morning Joe.»

On Capitol Hill, top Republicans have made it a top priority to raise the federal gas tax. The budget deal passed in December would raise the gas tax by 5.2 cents a gallon, slightly higher than current rates.

Republicans want to increase the gas tax to as high as 10.5 cents a gallon because they believe the tax hurts businesses.

Opponents say it would lead to more driving in places like gas stations and stores and could lead to more people paying more in gas taxes. Republicans argue the gas tax is one of the few resources the federal government gets.

In addition to fuel taxes, the Department of Transportation is also working to modernize and modernize the highways it runs. In addition to a major overhaul, the department recently started accepting bids for upgrades to existing and planned major바카라사이트 transportation projects.


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