Ryan backs xenophon campaign on scientology

Ryan backs xenophon campaign on scientology

Mr Abbott says Australia is being run by «scumbags» who run the country and says he will stand against anyone who promotes scientology.

He says he has had an «enormous amount of respect from my colleagues within the Senate and I respect those senators who disagree with me» and says he will stand as an independent on a zero tolerance basis.

He says people’s rights are being threatened because of government actions.

«This government is in crisis mode and it has failed us as a nation,» Mr Abbott says.

«They’ve lost control of public policy.»

Australian Marriage Equality CEO Brian Loughton says he is concerned about the comments made by Sena바카라사이트tor Penny Wong, who told the Nine Network’s AM program that Scientology was the «largest criminal organisation in Australia».

«The suggestion that we may not be treated the same as people in other countries has been used in a campaign to vilify this religion,» Mr Loughton said.

He said people should respect that a religious organization like Scientology can be criticised and criticised, whether from within or outside of the church.

«Some of the views we have heard from those we meet on this program have beapronxen fairly disturbing, and they are disturbing, to say the least, but we cannot ignore the fact that we cannot continue to allow people to be labelled as criminals just because we have one of the least stringent laws on the books in this country,» he said.

Dr Loughton says the Church of Scientology claims to be about bringing light to people’s flaws and weaknesses, and if it can convince us it can help treat illness, it can bring great value.

«All that has been shown in the course of that and the way the Church of Scientology operates has been extremely effective,» he says.

The ABC understands Senator Wong, an Independent, believes the Government should investigate바카라 whether or not some of the church’s activities are in line with the values that the party espouses, such as honesty.

It is understood no decision has yet been made by Ms Wong and if it happens it would likely go against one of her priorities as a member of the Senate.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten says it is time Australia saw the truth and that it wasn’t just «sadist talking heads».

He said it was important for all Australians that people understood the benefits of membership, that members could give back, and that their support was not an endorsement of the church.


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