South african train crash kills 19

South african train crash kills 19

A car crashes into a station near Johannesburg’s Oosterhout station, killing one person and injuring another, police said on Wednesday.

Three people were injured when a car driven by an Indian driver rammed through the barrier on a red-light camera along the J10 Freeway (5.55km) around 2:15pm on Thursday.

It then went into a nearby area, police said.

The driver, who had been driving the vehicle, was arrested a few hundred metres away, on Oosterhout Road.

Sixteen people were taken to hospital for treatment, while another 15 were treated at the scene.

Six of the injured, aged between 32 and 40, were transported by car to the nearby Mpumalanga City Hospital, and were being treated there on arrival.

Among the victims was a 39-year-old father-of-five who suffered a fatal head injury when he collided with the driver, while three others are still in an unstable state, police said.

Four other cars in the area were also involved in the collision, which left a fourth vehicle seriously injured.

There were nine people injured in the crash.

Police said the incident is being investigated as an attempted car crash.

Mpumalanga deputy pol바카라사이트ice commissioner Hwange Sibelo said the driver’s license of the Indian was valid while the registration of the vehicle did not show the licence number.

«The vehicle was registered to the Indian and not the registered owner of the vehicle.»

It is suspected the Indian driver had driven his car through the sign of a red-light camera to cross a busy section of the freeway.

The red-light camera — installed along the route on a daily basis to prevent car jaywalking — has been criticised for its effectiveness and has triggered a debate over how to speed up road safety in the city, while the car had been fitted with advanced cameras.

The ca더킹카지노meras were installed in 2010, but several deaths in recent years have been attributed to drivers trying to cross by using the camera to cross.

The Mpumalanga traffic authority said it will install an alternative red-light camera in the next three months.

The number of car crash바카라es in the city reached an all-time high of 4,871 in 2013 and 2012.


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