Stop blaming cwealth for state tax burden humphries

Stop blaming cwealth for state tax burden humphries! But in reality it is the other way around.» (Mann, p. 47)

«The key issue of the day is the fiscal policy that is proposed.» (Mann, p. 44)

«Tax policy has a twofold effect. Tax revenue increases are offset by increases in expenditure.» (Mann, p. 43)

«… tax increases… create jobs and increase the tax base.» (Mann, p. 43)

«Tax policy should ensure all individuals pay at least as much as the average tax payer of the US.» (Mann, p. 44)

«Taxpayers should pay for the state government’s fiscal deficits through tax increases, not increases in spending.» (Mann, p. 44)

«[T]he fiscal policy in 카지노 사이트this country is simply too conservative and is not working.» (Mann, 바카라사이트p. 46)

«The policy should be designed to achieve as little as possible fiscal damage.» (Mann, p. 46)

«[A] fundamental problem with current fiscal policy is that, due to an underdeveloped business cycle, it does not allow for an increase in the government’s overall balance of payments (BOP) to offset fiscal problems.» (Mann, p. 46)

«I think it is time to abandon fiscal austerity for a Keynesian fiscal policy that can provide an additional 5 to 15 percent in federal and state taxes to assist states in addressing the fiscal deficit.» (Mann, p. 50)

«We should end the political debate to e더킹카지노mbrace a simple and straightforward measure to increase spending on our common core, that is, by raising taxes on incomes above $1,000,000 per person and businesses above $200,000 in the state of California.» (Mann, p. 61)

«The best way for California to reduce the state budget deficit is for it to eliminate its state and local government, which is what I propose.» (Mann, p. 61)

«[T]he government, when it collects a budget surplus or a budget deficit for the current year, does so by cutting spending. If we do not go into debt that the economy suffers it will suffer…. It is more efficient to run our economy by cutting expenditures and increasing revenues than by spending.» (Mann, p. 61)

«A big part of the problem is that for the past few years, as the economy has recovered, the Federal governmen


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