Tavern ordered to pay compo after patrons attacked him

Tavern ordered to pay compo after patrons attacked him

A woman was attacked and had a brick thrown through her car window in downtown Detroit after patrons hurled abuse at her after she and two other customers returned to the restaurant late last night.

At about 7:45 p.m. Friday the women were standing outside the restaurant with their children when they say a woman and another man confronted them at the restaurant. At that point, witnesses say, the man, whose car was on fire, threw a brick through the door.

The woman managed to drive the driver of his car out and out of the restaurant, where he was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. The man said he hit her while she was 더킹카지노in her car and that he had been drinking, but the woman claims he punched him.

He told바카라 police he threw the brick because he thought the woman was a «faggot» while the woman was wearing a bikini, but the couple argued, according to the statement of facts filed in court.

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing said he was «shocked and saddened» by the attack on the woman and called the attack an assault on a business. He said the woman needs an attorney to provide his statement to the police.

Read the full statement from Mayor Bing below:

We are deeply shocked and saddened that an incident occurred in our great city on Friday night, June 6th. The citizens of Detroit are resilient. As a proud and loving city of about 4.2 million people, Detroit has long stood out in America, as evidenced by the number of people who have lived and worked in the city every year from birth until today. We have had remarkable achievements in education, health, safety and environment.

When this occurred, it was a terrible tragedy. Our entire police department responded to the scene immediately. The first officer assigned to the scene was able to respond to the scene quickly and safely while the community members responded.

The Mayor has also launched a comp우리카지노rehensive review of the police department, including the use of the SPC-17, an emergency response program that was not used to the extent it should have been in this case.

While the incident does not reflect the commitment, character or values of this police force, this case and the community responses underscore a critical issue that the mayor and the community have to address. The relationship between police and the people of Detroit is one of absolute trust.

The City and the citizens of Detroit have shown immense restraint in how they respond to crime and we have shown i


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