Union welcomes holden pay offer to staff as it looks to grow workforce by 6,500

Union welcomes holden pay offer to staff as it looks to grow workforce by 6,500

LIMPICKED: An IT worker who held out in the hope of being paid less than half his £20,000-a-year wage for 13 mon바카라사이트ths had hoped to improve his situatiapronxon to take on more jobs at the company, it has emerged.

Ian Wainwright had been told he would get up to £8 an hour in the new post of project manager, but told his employer a month earlier that the figure would rise to £16 an hour.

The firm, which has more than 6,500 employees, has given him a £10,000 offer, which he accepted despite his attempts to persuade the company to make his salary rise to the $35,000-a-year rate he received as a software engineer before taking a job at Inno2us.

The company, which employs 16 staff and uses IT contractors to work on a range of projects, has also warned Mr Wainwright that staff are being punished for speaking out.

Ian, who works at a retail work shop and is single, said: «I’m being told to stay silent but it’s about to get tougher.

«I know there have been allegations that my situation is ridiculous and my pay is not fair but 카지노 사이트I’ve still got my job so the pay is no longer an issue.

«I have worked hard my entire career and to hear that I’ll still be struggling to make ends meet — that’s just so disappointing.

«I’m only 32 and working at this age and I’m happy with my life and career.

«I want my family and friends who were employed with Inno2us to be able to keep working here and that’s my main concern.

«I’m not sure what else I can do so I’m just going to have to wait and see what happens.»

IT worker Ian Wainwright was told his salary would rise to $16 an hour following a decision made by Inno2us not to pay him

Inno2us said that it would pay Mr Wainwright £16 an hour in a contract he had signed after being given notice on March 13.

But he then held out until he heard about the increase on April 15 and asked that it be extended to June 30, in the belief he would take that up as he got more and more work to do.

A spokesman for the company said: «O


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