Victorian footballer in coma after overdose of unknown drug

Victorian footballer in coma after overdose of unknown 슈퍼 카지노drug Updated A Victorian footballer in a coma after taking an unknown drug has been pronounced dead. nettoyage bague en argent The 17-year-old had previously played for the Gold Coast United youth squad, the club’s manager Peter Lewis said. collier ras de cou sautoir 3collierfrance8412 He said the teenage호 게임 athlete had been taken to hospital after suffering a large dose of an unidentified drug he had taken several days earlier. bague copeau en argent massif taille 52 disponible pitchu32809 pitchu32809 He said the drug could have also been taken from the stadium. Mr Lewis said he was unable to provide further details, but said the boy had only sustained minor internal injuries. collier perle de mer 2collierfrance6904 «Unfortunately, I can’t confirm the death,» he said. boucles doreilles pendantes marc orian «This is a very sad, and tragic situation for a young man.» Mr Lewis said he had no specific details about what happened, but there were fears his body would not recover properly. flawless 4ct padparadscha sapphire 925 sterling silver ring jewelry sz 6 pr9 pitchu34180 pitchu34180 «We’ve lost our young man for this reason. He had obviously overdosed,» he said.


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