Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids

Wa doubles fines for selling smokes to kids

EVERETT, Wash. — A teenage girl has been convicted of trafficking in marijuana as an adult and for illegally selling more than 6 tons of marijuana cigarettes to teenage customers.

On Aug. 13, 2011, 14-year-old Kaitlyn Smith was charged with multiple counts of selling marijuana. In May, she was sentenced to two years probation and fined $5,000 for each felony count.

On Friday, a jury deliberated for about two hours over three days in a closed trial.

In the first day of the trial, the jurors heard Smith was a regular user of heroin and marijuana, among other drugs. But Smith’s lawyers said a search of her home and the results of tests of some samples taken from two containers of crack cocaine found h카지노 사이트eroin.

The tests showed high levels of heroin in the crack cocaine seized from Smith’s home.

Defense attorneys argued Smith’s own drug abuse was to blame for her conduct and she took the blame to conceal her drug use. The defense called the drugs recovered from Smith’s home evidence that she stole them from those around her and that the police were not able to take her to court for a court date.

A police report from August 2009 said Smith, who was 15 at the time, had just arrived in Everett from Tacoma to be with her grandparents at an apartment they had owned.

The report said that Smith had smoked marijuana before at a Seattle park before dropping by and sitting on a bench in the park.

The judge said that’sapronx true. But she added, «It doesn’t explain your intent and conduct.»

It’s also important to note the prosecution argued that if they could show drugs were found in Smith’s home, there might not have been enough evidence to be ab바카라사이트le to establish the criminal acts.

At the conclusion of their three-day trial, the jury didn’t consider the drug trafficking issue.


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